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Cheon Song Yi Inspired Makeup ❤ My Love from the Star

    Hi beauty cupcakes!!!!
    Have you guys all seen the popular Korean drama <My love from the stars> ? It has been translated into so many different variations it’s not even funny, like.. <You who came from the stars> , <Man from the stars> , etc etc…
    ANYWAY, I’ve made a YouTube video on the makeup inspired by the main character, Cheon Song Yi! She sports a super natural look with just the right amount of makeup to enhance her features with a signature lip of bright fuchsia.
    Have you seen my latest video yet???? 
    If you haven’t, or if you want to see what I look like without makeup, click PLAY below!!! ❤ 

    The main main focus of her makeup is her lips: which are plump, juicy, and shiny of bright pink ness!!! OK I tried, my lips are nowhere as plump as hers hehehe but I tried my best to do her gradient lips that’s so popular in Korea now! Also I didn’t use falsies, so totally relied on my short stubby lashes to give me that naturale look – but it’s not as long as hers!!! 

    I dunno why I thought this pic is sooo cool. I mean, I’ve always been curious how other people edit their video (especially makeup videos!) so when I tried out iMovie for the first time (super easy super low learning curve MAX LOVE!), I thought I’d capture my screen too…just in case you are wondering what’s the backstage behind-the-scenes work like. Kekekekekeke!!!! 

    I had so much fun filming this look! I guess you can say the drama gave me the inspiration to finally step out of my comfort shell and bare my face (literally) to the world. No, I’m not scared of showing my no-makeup-face to the world … and neither should you! We should all embrace who we are – of course, makeup boosts my confidence levels, but without it I can still be the confident happy girl I am. 
    The tip is….SKINCARE. I cannot emphasize this enough. Skin care regime is more important than make-up! Okie before I go off on a tangent I’m going to sign off now, please let me know what you thought of my first ever makeup video? Oh and also if you would like me to film additional  looks/skincare etc…
    I’m getting a lot of requests for how to stay fit and slim – don’t worry it’s coming up! <3

    ❤❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  Have Fun !!!❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤❤❤ 
    xoxo, Mango 
    Kerina Wang

    22 thoughts on “Cheon Song Yi Inspired Makeup ❤ My Love from the Star”

    1. BIG Thumbs up and <3s!! Tutorial was awesome!!! Liking this natural makeup and the flower bouquet!!! Keep them videos coming Mango!!! Now, if only I can be more active at my blog. :( So sorry for not updating as often. I know…I’ve been a naughty bunny. ;) Thank you so much for your support Mango!! *huggies* <3<3<3

    2. Congrats on your very first makeup tutorial girl! ;)
      Hahaha this Korean drama was SO POPULAR in Hong Kong earlier, didn’t know it’s popular outside Asia tho! :P
      And your voice is so soothing and comfy to listen to! X) Look forward to more videos from you!
      Btw I just had a FOTD post, and it’s about bright lips too, what a coincidence! :P

      Lilian x

    3. Congratulations for your very first makeup tutorial video. You did a really great job although it’s your first! I like the lip makeup <3 omg your voice is very soothing I actually expected your voice to be more–badass and husky? I like your voice!

    4. I’m seriously loving your blog right now Mango! I’m very glad that you had stumbled across my blog because now I have found a very good blog to be following! :) I totally love how you did this video! From the filming to the lighting! I know lighting and even equipment is really tough to get right but you did a good job! I can definitely tell that you will make it very far! Congratulations on making your first video! I really want to start my own channel but I’m still working on it T.T One of these days! :) Congrats Mango! :)

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