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Bruce Peninsula – My Hiking and Cottaging Trip

    Hello fluff cakes!
    So here in Ontario, people are obsessed over cottaging. It’s like camping, but instead of a tent, you rent out a cottage in the great Canadian wilderness.  Out there, you can see shooting stars, clear waters, and trees trees trees!  It’s a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The place I went to is called Bruce Peninsula and we were able to rent a nice cottage nearby for my friends.


    Omg what is with me and my trend of makeup forgetfulness.  I think I has a memory bug.  This time, there was no lucky duty-free shop in the resort like my Punta Cana honeymoon trip.  Any how, I have lots of shots of me without makeup, I just won’t show it :D
    How about that water?? You can’t tell, but it was freezzzzing like a popsicle!  This is me getting as far as I could into the water without turning into a snowbunny >.<

    This place is about 4 hours’ drive away from Toronto, but you can totally fool people into thinking this is some beach in the Philippines or Greece… I would never do that!~~
    Oh and my friends dared me to drink the water cus it’s so clean up there that it’s totally safe… I would never do that either hehehehe, and I didn’t.  Take that, peer pressure!
     Hand hold hand hold yayyy.  Does my arm look in pain to you? Cus it kind of is

    Is anyone here a hiker or nature lover?  After a 40min or so hike, the view from the top is quite amazing.  I am not a nature girl, I get bitten by mosquito like a million times outside while they totally leave my hubby alone.  If I wasn’t such mosquito food, I would be more like… in tune with nature too
    This is another view from our hike.  The boats in the pic were for scuba divers who clearly were not afraid of the cold water like me :(  Around the cliffs there is an underwater cave that is easily accessible by scuba diving.  I am not a cave rabbit!  I go on to one of the rocky cliffs on the top right corner of this picture to take some daring pics, yay!!

    My parents do not approve of this, oh well heheheheh ^__^ 

    By zooming closer, it totally looks like I am on a slippery slope towards hurting myself.  They say “don’t look down” when you’re scared of heights, but that’s one advice we all never take!
    Here is me sitting on the edge of another cliff.  Can you guys tell how high this was?  After this jumping I quickly grabbed the nearest friend to safety T_T

    Okie, that’s the last of my pics during my summer cottage trip.  Even though I’m not a huge nature loving girl and I’ve contracted makeup-forget-itus, one of my fav things about cottages with my friends are these big, grand, family style meals we prepare as a group!  It just brings us so much closer and I feel like a part of a second family whenever I’m eating a grand meal with lots of people.  Now I’m wishing I took more pictures to show you guys, we were busy having fun and eating, we just wanted a break from professional photos for a day or so.  Still, hope you enjoyed!
    Are you a nature person?
    What’s your favorite out-doorsy thing to do?
    Let me know in comments!

    xoxo, Mango 

    Kerina Wang

    17 thoughts on “Bruce Peninsula – My Hiking and Cottaging Trip”

    1. SO PRETTYYYYYYY~!!! I love how beautiful the water is! and the cliff omggggg ‘d love to be there!!! I’m not a nature person myself, but I love being on such a height and just have the thrilling moment.. yeah, I’m weird like that hahah.. anyway… so enviouuuusss *POUTS*

    2. The scenery looks so beautiful I’d love to visit!!

      And yes I am a nature person, I used to go camping a lot nowadays there’s no time.

      Apart from camping, I’d say other outdoorsy things I do is like hiking which I actually haven’t done in years but would love to go back to it and hike around lake district again in England ^^

      恵美より ♥

    3. “If I wasn’t such mosquito food, I would be more like… in tune with nature too”

      I totally died bunnie!!! XD HAHAHAHAH this made my night!! OMGG Canada is just too beautiful :[ I have have have to come visit at some point!! And you’re so beautiful that you don’t need makeup!! I have acne scars that always need covering up :<

      Siggggggggghh one day one day… I’ll show up at your door and we’ll do face masks together :D

      ChocoKittieHK holidays
      xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

    4. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! You don’t need my ______ hahahaha do you know what I mean? ;)
      p.s. I don’t think you forgot your makeup…I think your mind subconsciously left it because it is telling you you are beautiful even without! <3
      -Ally Gong

    5. this is amazing!! i didn’t even know there was something so pretty close to my home!! also, WERENT YOU FROZEN?!?!?!?! or did you go back in the summer? haha

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