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BLACKPINK Drops ‘Lovesick Girls’ + THE ALBUM

    Hey there fellow Blinks!

    This is probably the day we’ve all been waiting for. BLACKPINK just came out with their first album called ‘THE ALBUM’. Finally!!!  And by the way, I am not lying when I say there’s no song you’d want to skip. If you haven’t heard the new tracks, you should definitely give it a listen.

    Their title song, Lovesick Girls, dropped their MV a few hours ago, and it is everything I wanted it to be. Is it just me, or does this song feel like the perfect song for them?

    Of course, no BLACKPINK song would be complete without the amazing clothes they’re wearing. Here’s some outfits I totally loved!

    Check the full video below:

    Have you already listened to the tracks on the album? What’s your favorite?

    Let me know in the comments below!

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