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am I the only one who hasn’t watched

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    Kerina Wang
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    height: 5’7” (170cm) | bust:33” (83cm)  | waist:24” (60cm)  | hip:35” (87cm) 

    mid thigh:18.5” (47cm) | leg inseam:31” (79cm) 

    8 thoughts on “am I the only one who hasn’t watched”

    1. Shein isn’t really known for beeing sustainable and was also accused of child labor!! They produce super fast fashion (8’000 new pieces per DAY) under inhuman conditions and even though I know that their products are very cheap, it shouldn’t be supported. PLEASE DON’T SUPPORT THIS.

      I love your style Kerina, I just really don’t like that people still support Shein through buying their products. You also seem like a very nice person, so please don’t take this personal! >3

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