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Winter Warmth: PomPoms & Legwarmers!

    Hiii snow bunnies!!!

    Is everyone enjoying the cold so far??? I know I’m not! Don’t really want to radiate negative energy on my blog but I HATE WINTER!! It’s so cold!! The only thing that’s good about it is snow, and the chance to wear furry stuff.

    Since it makes no sense to take pictures out in the crazy weather, here’s my post to say
    “PSHHHHH you’ve got NOTHING on me” *waves hand* to winter:

    I can be fashionable staying home and bundling up in a cozy sweater and furry legwarmers!!! Here’s what you do when you’re locked in during a snowstorm/blizzard or simply too lazy to go outside.

    Look! A furry pom-pom! Take THAT, winter
    I realize this sweater seems to say “Come loser to me” . I promise you it’s actually “Come Closer to me”
    I can be cute at home too! 

    And make silly faces! 
    And kick at imaginary monsters! Cuz that’s how I pose at home, all the time ^^v
    This is a great outfit for going to house parties, you’re not overdressed but still CUTE and FASHIONABLE! 
    Remember to stay warm and make silly faces at stupid winter!

    Kerina Wang

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