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To my haters

    Whats uppppp carrot pies!!

    So I am having the worst insomnia right now – super sad because I’m the kind of person who wouldn’t be able to go to sleep IF there’s something bugging me, even something TINY I wouldn’t be able to sleep.


    Do you believe in parallel universe? You know I learned about that term when I was watching 那些年我们一起追的女孩 in Taiwan?

    You know since I am kinda like, “never say never” kinda girl, I’m definitely a firm believer in parallel universe(s) now. Especially after all the good and bad stuff I’ve gone through, makes me think of alternatives to my life you know?  Like, what another me is doing in another universe… is she happy? Maybe different choices will result in different life paths but will result in the same amount (or even more?) happiness! YOU KNOW????

    Of course you do. Which is why you are up with me right now, reading about my life rants.

    To add to my annoyances, a few more people lately WISH THEY ARE  the occasional parade-rainer, or ice-thrower onto my life. Funnily and ironically after I posted my rant about them here. 

    I guess they want me to reply to their nasty comments. To defend myself. To retort something along the lines of “OMG how dare you coward why don’t you just shut up and die”. They don’t know that I have better things to do with my time than to deal with them and their shit.

    I guess I can address all the haters here now, since they are so lame they probably hate me but stalk me at the same time. *roll eyes to north pole, back, then all the way to north pole again*

    Cute Version of Reply: I hope you will all hug a bucket of poopoo and lose your phones containing thousands of pictures of your cat (who has just died) ^.^v

    Mean Version of Reply: (Highlight paragraph) I will hand you a mirror someday and you will FINALLY be able to take a look at yourself, then die of sadness. Someone will grab your wobbly fat wrists and vomit straight onto your face. The vomit will contain nuts, which you are allergic to, and then you will die for real. ^.^vvv

    Inserting a selfie because OF COURSE WHY NOT!!!

    Kerina Wang

    23 thoughts on “To my haters”

    1. You look beautiful– Hatesr will always be hater because they are consume with jealousy and envy and its sad they should work on that by looking in the mirror and try to find themselves unfortunately they think it feel good to rant and belittle someone else. So when you read a hater comment keep in mind they talking about themselves.

    2. I have a very hard time sleeping when I got something on my mind as well. I’ve also read your other post and I appreciate the tips you gave about blogging. More, and more I understand that this is a serious matter and some frre time play.
      I’m new to blogging and I’m still learning how to work with whole a lot of things, specially the layout. I believe I DO have to research for myself since I have no one to teach me. I have very followers so no bad experience with haters so far, but I knwo they are out there and a lot of people complain. I don’t understand why bother reading and visiting other bloggers just to post agressive comments… You don’t like it, you don’t even bother to read, much less spend time writing about it! At least that’s how I see it.
      Cool post! Sorry about my long comment…
      Thank you so much for following my blog, I’m following yours as well and added you on google+.

      1. Wow Thank you Alexandra for putting so much effort into the long comment, and NO, your comment is NEVER TOO LONG! Don’t apologize, I love love love reading them! I hope the tips helped, we need to stick together and help each other out, and show them haters that they can’t mess with us or else they will be forever cursed with SDS! Please do reach out to me if you encounter any questions or difficulties with the layout – I’m in no way a blogging expert but I’ll try my best to help! <3

    3. There will always be haters, but always remember that there will also be big fans! You just gotta tune out the hate and fill it up with love instead :]

      And totally thought about parallel universes as well. Well, the official theory is the “Multiverse Theory” which states that every decision we make creates our current world but the opposite decision will create another time stream so there could be an infinite number of universes! Isn’t that an interesting thought? :]

      xo Deborah
      Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    4. you’re so pretty
      You shouldn’t pay attention to the haters….they exist as a way of motivation to others..
      Hating is such a burden…I don’t know why people do it and keep up with it *sigh* smh


    5. Sorry to hear that hun!
      But Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves,because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be….Hope u are doing okay my sisst! xoxo 

    6. I agree! There will Always be haters, (also on my blog)
      But you have to remember that there are also people who absolutely lovee your blog like I do! :)
      I think it’s very brave of you, that you’ve posted this article about people who are also annoying me! :(

      By the way, I lovee that selfie :)
      Xx And take Care!


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