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[Review] Candy Doll Lipgloss – Cotton Candy ❤

    Hello lovely cotton candies!
    Ever since I saw Tsubasa (who is only the best popteen idol like, ever) coming up with her own line of cosmetics, I’ve been dying to get my hands on some Candy Doll products! When I was in Japan it’s literally in every single drugstore without fail and also in every single japanese magazine! So I was super psyched when Love Shoppingholics gifted me a Candy Doll lipgloss to try out! The shade I received is Cotton Candy, and its packaging is super girly and cute with Tsubasa’s own selfie! 
      The tube itself is a pretty simple round tube, with CandyDoll inscribed on the cap. This shade looks like a pastel magenta pink in the tube, and I’ve heard tons of raves of this lipgloss so I was excited to see what the end result will be!

     The applicator is a simple, sponge doe-foot applicator that most lipgloss have!

    Here are the swatches! Notice how the gloss is VERY buildable. The first layer shows a sheer tint of pinkish tint, whereas doubling up the lipgloss produces a more emphasized shade of pink! The gloss also contains tiny (like, micro) shimmer particles to give your lips that extra pouty factor.
    Ta-dah! Moment of results as I call it. You can clearly see that in my first pic without any products on my lips, it’s chapped, has an uneven surface, and has areas of peeling and blood stains (stupid canadian winter wtf). I wanted to see how the lipgloss fared when put to the test of concealing my lips, so the second pic showed how my lips look like with nothing but the lipgloss. If you ask me, I’d say it did a pretty darn amazing job at evening out the bumpy surfaces, and even managed to semi-coverup the blood stains on the bottom lip! 
    So to further put the lipgloss to the test, I wanted to see how effective it can be at giving me those perfect, pale pink, pouty lips that Gyarus have, so this time I applied a nude colored lipstick (any brand would do, as long as it’s a nude or pale pink shade) and layered one layer of the Candy Doll lipgloss over it. The effect? See for yourself. 

    Just like the name suggests, CandyDoll lipgloss in Cotton Candy gives your lips that juicy, sweet pink color if you choose to wear it on its own. It also has AMAZING CONCEALING properties, so don’t worry too much if you have massively chapped or uneven lips (like I do), a simple swipe of this gloss will be enough to smooth everything out. When combined with a nude base lipstick is my favorite way to wear this gloss – its gives you the perfect pouty pale-pink lips (gyaru-approved!)
    Lasting Power
    This gloss at first application will seem pretty sticky as it is a really viscous (thick) gloss. But the good thing about it is that you don’t feel like you’re wearing a layer of silicone or oil on your lips, as the feeling is rather natural and the stickiness subsides after a while. It lasts for a pretty darn long time (4-5 hours without eating or drinking), and even as it starts to dry up your lips will still appear smooth and hydrated. The only downside to this product is (as with any lipgloss) is that I do NOT recommend you wearing it when you’re outside when there’s strong winds going on… as I promise you your hair will be sticking to your lips and it’s not very fashionable or comfortable. >_<
    Where to buy
    You can buy this lipgloss from Love Shoppingholics for USD $19.90, which is 28% below the market price of this lipgloss! I just did a search on Ebay, and beware lots of sellers are selling the fake products for a lower price (but still pretty expensive for a fake product) so please please be careful when you’re purchasing items online! They also ship worldwide and is super quick with emails!
    Have you tried this lipgloss? 
    What are some of your favorite lipglosses?

    xoxo, Mango 
    Kerina Wang

    25 thoughts on “[Review] Candy Doll Lipgloss – Cotton Candy ❤”

    1. I was always curious about Candy Doll products since their a little scarce here but this lips gloss seems amazing and being able to see the concealing properties first hand really shows the quality of the product (ugh I feel you on the gross Canadian winters, my lips always need extra TLC) great review love!



    2. Thank you for this review! This seems like a super nice lip gloss *u* But of course, it sucks that it gets sticky D: Besides that, this seems like great lip gloss and I’d love to try this out sometime!
      ~Kiyomi <3

    3. woooow it’s so glossy! and your lips is so good to begin with already *SOBS* I’m envious *Glares*
      and lolololol pardon me but I had a silly moment when I read about Tsubasa, what crossed my mind was a football anime with the same name (not sure if you’ve heard of it, but you can always google it lololol) and I was like “whut? football anime releasing lip gloss?” XD duh

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