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[Review] Apricot Rose Print Flare Skirt

    Hello my funny valentines! What are you dressed for the season of love? I’m wearing the soft apricot rose print flare skirt from Sheinside, and I love how luxurious the fabric feels against my body!
    Sticking to the color palette, I paired it with a ShopTobi bandage dress because it is just the perfect halter top to go with the skirt!

    Closeups – the waist of the skirt is not elastic, so make sure you follow the sizing chart on the product info page to get the right size, I found their sizing to be 99% accurate, at least for this skirt.
    Accessories wise, I chose to stick to simple and classy tones like two pearl bracelets and a single gold skinny band. You can also pair a statement necklace to up the whole glam look! <3
    Pinks and florals are definitely girly and romantic enough for valentine’s day, OR any outings when you’re feeling super flirty and feminine! As much as I love dressing up and celebrating Vday I have SO MUCH WORK TO DO T.T 
    What do you guys do to alleviate stress in your lives?? Share with me!
    xoxo, Mango

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