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First Post! YAY!


    This is my first blog post ever! Just wanna say hi to everyone who’s potentially interested in reading about beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts!

    Here’s a little semi self-intro of myself and my cute life!!!

    My name is Mango (special right?!) and i’m located in sunny Toronto. You may know me as @Mangorabbitrabbit on Instagram or @Mangobunbun on Twitter. I love beautifying myself and dressing up and being happie, AND all things fluffy/furry and pink/peach/pastel and sparkly/shiny. One day I was making sushi for the first time and thought “OMG this looks and tastes sooo yummie I wish I documented the process to show people how to make it!!!” So I decided to start a blog and share my experiences with you!

    P/S: THIS IS ME – I was recently in Santa Maria, Cuba, where this shot was taken (More on Cuba in later posts) You can also see certain body parts of my Fiancé Peter lurking behind me… aahahha

    I am always looking forward to making new friends, so don’t hesitate to contact me, even if it’s just to say HI!!! You can email me at <3

    Okie that’s all for 1st post BYEBYE have a great day!!

    Kerina Wang

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